Jared Alan Frank, Ph.D.

Researcher / Roboticist

Hardware Currently Used by HoWIE

Domestic Robotics

In this demo, the processes run on ROS to teleoperate HoWIE are shown, as well as some footage of HoWIE being driven through an apartment using real-time data provided by a laser rangefinder.

This section of the site is under construction, but will soon provide an overview of the design and programming of HoWIE, a robotic platform that I am currently developing during my free time. Using a pair of wheel encoders and a laser scanner, as well as a pair of high torque DC motors connected to tank treads in a differential-drive configuration, HoWIE can autonomously map and navigate my apartment. Soon, HoWIE will be tasked with feeding, playing with, and live streaming my cat, Olivia, to my smartphone as part of an effort to give people the ability to remotely monitor, care for, and interact with their pets while away for work or on travel.

Indoor Teleoperation Using LIDAR-based Feedback